Who we are

Hayley Graham

Founder / Director
I am the founder and director of BOUNCE! I established the charity and brought this group of people together as many children and families that are in need are unable to access the mental health services they require.

Full Bio

I believe BOUNCE! can help to fill this gap and create a brighter future for the children and families we work with. I am an experienced and qualified psychotherapist working with children, adolescents and adults. I have been working within schools for several years. I have a master’s level qualification in Integrative Child Psychotherapy and I am fully accredited and registered by the UKCP as a specialist child and adolescent psychotherapist. I am also a registered and accredited member of the BACP. Additionally, I have completed a four-year adult psychotherapy qualification in Transactional Analysis. I have a particular interest in working with trauma and I am fully trained in treating adults and children using EMDR. I have a busy private practice in Mid Devon.

Joanna North

Psychotherapist / Trustee
I am a Psychotherapist and Chartered Psychologist having worked in the field of family mental health for thirty years.

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I am Chair of the British Psychological Society Psychotherapy Section and in 2017 won the BPS award for distinguished contribution to psychotherapy in practice.  My current practice is dedicated to children adults and families.  I am an Ofsted registered Adoption Support Agency and we have been rated as Outstanding for the last ten years.  I also work as an Expert Witness for the Family Court. I support Bounce as a mentor and Trustee.

Lucy Silk

SENCo / Workshop and training facilitator
I am a SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) with nearly 25 years of teaching experience.

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I am a Mental Health First Aid England trainer, Emotion Coach and MiSP (Mindfulness in Schools Project) teacher. My passion is in equipping children and young people with strategies to deal with emotional difficulties. With my experience within SEN I can support children and young people who experience significant challenges and may require help understanding their difficulties and the impact on their emotional wellbeing. This involves working with the individual and their families and sometimes extended network of care givers.

Jane Andrews

Counsellor and supervisor
Following a career in education I retrained as an Integrative Counsellor.

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Whilst continuing to work in schools as the Inclusion Manager and Designated Safeguarding Lead, I used my skills to support parents and children in both the primary and secondary sector.  My work with families initiated my training as a Systemic Family Therapist and my support of staff encouraged me to train as a Clinical Supervisor.  My supervision work has included pastoral staff working with the children through therapeutic interventions such as Drawing and Talking, and with other staff to support both child protection cases and SEND.  I continue to support all school staff including Senior Leaders and Head Teachers, providing a reflective space which enables them to explore their roles, support their decisions and maintain a good sense of well-being.  I have experience of training and leading Safeguarding within a school and am looking to become an accredited trainer.  Moving from London to North Devon has given me the space to develop all aspects of my work and supports my own work-life balance.

Sam Slater

Psychotherapist / Trustee
I am an Integrative Child Psychotherapist in training with over 10 years’ experience of working with children and young people in a variety of environments.

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I began my therapeutic training after teaching and assisting in EBD and mainstream education and having spent 7 years as a horse-riding instructor and NVQ facilitator. I have a keen interest in effecting positive change in those with developmental trauma and use the arts, nature, and animals as a way of engaging and working with troubled young people. I have developed and run therapeutic groups and offer equine assisted therapy. I also work with a specialist provider to support teens who have sexually harmed, and in private practice. I hold a certificate in parent-child relationship skills; an advanced diploma in the therapeutic and educational application of the arts; and I am working towards UKCP registration.

Chandra Kantha

Child counsellor
I have been working with children for the past 26 years, 16 of those were as a teacher. The last six years of teaching was as an Ethnic Minority Achievement Coordinator in an inner-city London primary school.

Full Bio

I gave up teaching to support my 2 adopted children, when they began to struggle with transition from primary to secondary schools. One of my children has complex developmental and attachment difficulties and I have accessed 10 years of training to support their needs. As a result, supporting other children with attachment difficulties is something I am passionate and knowledgeable about, both from a theoretical and practical perspective. In 2017, I qualified as a child counsellor at the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education. Since then I have been working with families and schools in South Devon supporting children with complex emotional and behavioural needs. My approach to child counselling is play and arts based.

Irene Hill

I am a Town and District Councillor and a retired teacher having had experience in Secondary, Junior and Deaf education.

Full Bio

Subsequently I was contracted to help a particularly disadvantaged child with mental health issues re-join mainstream education.  I moved on to supporting parents of children with Special Educational Needs helping them to work closely with their school and to act as advocates in Tribunals.

I was a Trustee and worker for a Charity for more than 20 years supporting poor families in an area of Kazakhstan We were able to provide training to teachers and school psychologists in teaching methods, drug education and communication skills. We also piloted a parenting course to parents in Kazakhstan where it was taken up and used.

I am very pleased to be able to support Bounce as a Trustee. I believe the work they are doing is mainstream and should be happening alongside or in all schools.

Outcome based measures

Emotional well-being, mental health and educational attainment (including attendance) is tracked using outcome-based measures.

Data shows that children who access counselling are happier, less anxious and feel more confident. They concentrate better in class which enhances their ability to learn, improving their attendance and educational attainment.

Tailored support – individual needs

We work with the team around the child to best support and understand each child’s individual needs. Our expert therapists will suggest strategies to try and think with school staff, parents/carers and other professionals working with the child to support the child in building strong attachments, enhance their ability to learn, communicate and feel happier.

Choose from our range of services

BOUNCE! offers a number of services that can be tailored to meet the needs of the child, family and school. This mix and match approach means more support for more children and families and supports better outcomes.

For children

Specialist 1 to 1 counselling and psychotherapy at a vital stage of development. Support to cope with emotional and behavioural difficulties has a positive impact on the whole class, and helps teachers focus on teaching. We can also offer group work

For head teachers and school staff

Tailored training, consultation regarding any child in the school and reflective practice support.

For parents, grandparents or carers

Dedicated 1 to 1 counselling support and evidenced-based workshops to help families build relationships and raise emotionally intelligent and resilient children.