The Bounce! stall in the town centre, for the Unnamed Art Exhibition and Market in Tiverton last Sunday, had lots to get involved with.

A sand-tray “Build Your World” competition; a “Guess the Name” of the Worry Yummy contest, and the chance to write your own three-line poem or “Haiku”.

Thanks to all who came along to play and ask questions. Hayley, Jane, Gram and Irene were all on hand to assist, talk and answer your enquiries.

Well done to all our competition winners! A total of 7 Worry Yummies were awarded to our young participants.


This Worry Yummy received lots of potential names, but the two correct ones make delightful combination.

Marvin-Annabelle the Worry Yummy

Congratulations to Tilly and Kayla for these correct guesses, an excellent name for this little critter, who can’t wait to gobble up all our concerns.


Winning Worlds

There were some incredible vignettes being made all day long. Here are three exciting offerings, taking the prizes of more Worry Yummies!

Explosive World of Doom by Ezra (7)


Flooding the Whole House by Elli


Dinosaur by Elena (3)

Haikus to Like Too

Poets young and old penned some venerable verses. Selecting two winners was no easy task. In the end we chose these two masterpieces.

Dragon oh dragon

You are so kind

every day 

Jessica (8)

Playing Pokemon by myself

Making me happy


Phoenix (6)


We had a wonderful day. There were some incredible cookies (baked by Jane) to make yummy-monsters of us all too. Thanks ever so much to everyone who came along, showed interest and took part.

See you next time!