Teachers are already overburdened in what they are expected to do. Responding to the needs of children with significant mental health difficulties adds to this burden. A recent survey found that 96% of teachers believe they have come into contact with pupils experiencing a mental health problem.

The mental health foundation has suggested that:


  • In order for teachers to feel comfortable supporting children with their emotional wellbeing and mental health needs, they needed sustained and long-term training.
  • Teachers need support in looking after their own mental health
  • All schools should have independent, trained counsellors on site for children who need their support.

Budgetary constraints and difficulty in identifying appropriate support can make it difficult for school leaders to deliver this.

At BOUNCE! we recognise the challenges and offer a whole school approach that aims to go some way to meeting the needs of school communities by offering a low-cost multi-dimensional service that not only provides specialist 1 to 1 counselling for children, but also offers attachment and trauma focused tailored training to educational staff, support for educational staff in the form of supervision or reflective practice and consultation regarding any child in the school experiencing mental health difficulties.