Our services include:

 For children – short and long-term individual arts and play based counselling.

For parents, grandparents or carers – dedicated 1 to 1 counselling support and evidence based workshops to help families build relationships and raise emotionally intelligent and resilient children.

For Head teachers and school staff – tailored training, consultation regarding any child in the school and reflective practice support.

All of our therapists are experienced and appropriately qualified counsellors or psychotherapists. Our child therapists have received specialist training and use creative arts such as sand trays, clay, paints and puppets as well as play to engage and help children to explore and talk about their feelings.

Room Hire Available!

We endeavour to be flexible and can tailor our service to meet your needs. Typically, our therapists work in schools one day a week throughout the academic year. This means you have a specialist consultant and child mental health expert in your school’s professional team all year round contributing to your school community. 

Outcome based measures

Each child’s improvement in emotional well-being, mental health and educational attainment (including attendance) is tracked using outcome-based measures.

Data shows that children who access counselling are happier, less anxious and feel more confident. They concentrate better in class which enhances their ability to learn, improving their attendance and educational attainment.

Tailored support – individual needs

We work with the team around the child to best support and understand each child’s individual needs. Our expert therapists will suggest strategies to try and think with school staff, parents/carers and other professionals working with the child to support the child in building strong attachments, enhance their ability to learn, communicate and feel happier.

Choose from our range of services

In Schools

For children

Specialist 1 to 1 counselling and psychotherapy at a vital stage of development. Support to cope with emotional and behavioural difficulties has a positive impact on the whole class, and helps teachers focus on teaching. We can also offer group work.

For head teachers and school staff

Tailored training, consultation regarding any child in the school and reflective practice support.

In the Community

Low-Cost Counselling Service

Dedicated 1 to 1 counselling support for adults, young people and children, in the confidential setting of our Tiverton hub. Experienced therapists for all, regardless of income.