Our Service Users need you!

We are currently recruiting for a volunteer trustee, some of the most important people within the charity.
Trustees have the potential to enable a charity to thrive, and our charity’s service users are dependent on our trustees. We need a wide & varied range of skills from our Trustees so please get in touch and let us know all about you.

What you could gain?

  • Provide support to a CEO leading an organisation that is making a real difference to local children, families & Schools in Tiverton and the surrounding areas.
  • Gain valuable experience and learn new skills within a leadership role.
  • Build your future (and CV!)
  • Contribute your varied skills and expertise to a cause that is important to you and your local surroundings.
  • Play a fundamental role in the strategic development of the organisation.
  • Challenge yourself by applying your skills in a different environment.
  • Gain non-executive board experience.
  • Learn from other trustees and gain new insights from seeing how others respond to situations and make decisions.

Please contact us on admin@bouncebrighterfutures.co.uk for more details